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Sarah Mussi at the Bradford Literature Festival - 2 July, 10:30 a.m.
Small Hall, University of Bradford
Tickets: £6. Click HERE for more information.

The fantasy genre is one of the best-loved genres in YA fiction, with obvious favourites such as Harry Potter and His Dark Materials living on in the imagination into adulthood. Often, in these books, it is up to a young hero or heroine to save the day. This event brings together three novelists at the cutting edge of YA fantasy. Sarah Mussi’s The Snowdonia Chronicles follow one girl’s monumental fight against the evil forces tearing her home apart, while Peadar Ó Guilín’s The Call and Kate Griffin’s Magicals Anonymous series bring dystopian visions of the future into chilling reality where young people are the only hope for change. Join event chair, Steve Dearden, and our expert panel for this fantastic foray into fiction and discover the world as you’ve never seen it before.

Sarah Mussi at Flash Festival - 15 July 2017
Pierremont Park, High Street, Broadstairs
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Sarah will be appearing at Flash Festival on Saturday 15 July to give a talk that will thrill old and young alike. She will cover the fact and fiction behind the legends surrounding the dragons of Wales and the tales of Merlin and give audiences a unique insight into the mythology of Snowdonia as she shares her lifetime's passion for all things magical and mysterious.

Sarah Mussi and Matt Dickinson at the Just So Festival - 19 August 2017
Rode Hall Estate, Scholar Green ST7 3QT
Tickets: Free

Join Sarah Mussi in uncovering the fact and fiction behind the legends surrounding the dragons of Wales and the tales of Merlin. Delving into the  mythology of Snowdonia and drawing on Sarah’s experiences from a lifetime’s passion for all things magical and mysterious. Sarah will discuss archaeological sites and artefacts that inspired her own writing, including standing stones, mystical monsters and local legends. 
          Matt Dickinson will be introducing audiences to his life of adventure as an award-winning director for National Geographic TV, the Discovery Channel and the BBC and as an author of his experiences in The Everest Files. During his action-packed career he has filmed on Everest summit (the first British filmmaker to do so and come back alive) in Antarctica, Greenland, Alaska and on top of the highest live volcano in the world. He has worked with some of the great characters from the world of adventure, including Bear Grylls, Judy Leden and Brian Blessed and along the way he has survived avalanches and a killer storm in the death zone. He describes what motivates explorers to take risks in the extreme corners of the planet and brings alive the challenges faced by the indigenous people who live in the highest, coldest and most dangerous regions on earth.


Matt Dickinson at the Edinburgh International Book Festival - 20 August, Sunday 10:30-11:30 a.m., Bosco Theatre (George Street) 
Buy tickets HERE for £5.00. 

Matt Dickinson's The Everest Files trilogy centres on a teenager on a gap year in Nepal who embarks upon a solo climb of Everest to get to the bottom of a mysterious disappearance. What emerges is a twisting tale in which life and death decisions are distorted by ego and greed. Today Matt discusses the books and his thrilling stage adaptation, before young actors from Glenalmond College perform a rehearsed reading of a key scene.