Climate change protests by school children

At Shrine Bell our ethos is to publish outdoor adventure books that inspire children to get outside and explore the natural world, so we’ve been keeping abreast of the recent climate change protests by school children because our landscapes need to be preserved and protected for the generations to come.  Sixteen-year-old Swedish climate-change activist Greta Thunberg – who was recently nominated for this year's Nobel Peace Prize – inspired a global movement to fight against climate change in which thousands of school children missed lessons to protest across more than 100 countries around the world. This March 1,659 school strikes...

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Matt Dickinson's The Everest Files Trilogy Now Available in Audiobook Format

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Here at Shrine Bell, we are really excited about the benefits of audiobooks for young readers, and are thrilled to announce that our bestselling YA series, The Everest Files trilogy, is now available in audiobook format! Perfect for ages eleven plus, the trilogy follows eighteen-year-old Ryan Hart on a gap year working for a medical charity in Nepal. From the get-go Ryan becomes entangled in a series of thrilling and shocking adventures set amid the world’s highest peak. In book one, The Everest Files, Ryan becomes embroiled in a lethal mission to investigate the disappearance of a stricken climber lost on Everest. In the heart-stopping sequel, North Face, Ryan...

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What do the concerns and changing behaviours of young people spell for the popularity of adventure books?

Across Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, the UK and the US, tens of thousands of school-aged children have been skipping class to protest about the global climate change crisis. An organised protest took place on 15 February in the UK with pupils taking to the streets across thirty locations. In Lancaster, A-level student Rosie Mills successfully campaigned to allow under eighteens to have a say on climate change issues, with the aim that the city will eventually produce no carbon at all. The number of young people who turned out to vote in the 2017 UK general election was the...

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Why I Love Doing Children’s Books by Kieron Black

The Royal Ulster Academy art exhibition takes place in Belfast every year. It’s quite a prestigious event and for an artist to make the shortlist, never mind the exhibition itself, is a fairly big deal, at least locally. Last year I was lucky enough to make it through the process and get a piece into the exhibition. It wasn’t my first time as an RUA exhibitor, and hopefully it won’t be my last, but it was a memorable one … for all the right reasons and one very wrong one. It was one of my landscape pieces that made the...

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The Philosophy of Gerald by Kieron Black, author of The Goblin's Blue Blanket

Chaos does not come easy for some, or, when it does, it’s an unwantedentity, something to be banished as soon as possible. An unwelcomehouseguest with no consideration for the feng shui of yourscatter cushions.For me, the clue is in the name. Scatter those cushions. The frontgarden, the bathroom, the roof. A bowl of porridge is a dull, inertthing. Grey and insentient. But if I take a mad leap for the milk asyou pour, suddenly it’s a living thing, colonising your kitchen floor,growing, spreading. Then, if I knock the porridge packet over just asyou are cleaning the rest from the floor,...

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