Ruth Eastham introduces her new book The Warrior in the Mist


Ruth Eastham here, and I’d love to tell you about my new book, The Warrior in the Mist.

When land on the Carrus estate where his dad works is leased to a fracking company, Aidan is set to lose his home, his friends, and the horse he loves. But other, ancient, forces are at play, and after the eerie appearance of two phantom girls, Aidan sees his chance… Prove Carrus was the site of the last great battle between Roman invaders and the mighty Queen Boudicca, those two thousand years ago. Get the land the protection it needs. Stop the frackers being allowed anywhere near.

Together with his best mates, Emmi and Jon, Aidan sets out to find Boudicca’s tomb…

But a deadly adversary is on their trail…



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