Guest post: Kieron Black, The Goblin's Blue Blanket

From renowned artist and debut author Kieron Black comes The Goblin's Blue Blanket – a beautifully illustrated new story for Early Years readers. Ogie the goblin and his annoying cat, Gerald, travel through Goblinia in search of Ogie's missing blue blanket but miss out on opportunities to have adventures along the way. With vibrant, magical illustrations alongside a poignant story with a moral, the book is sure to be a hit for all children with an active imagination and a sense of adventure.   

Here Kieron gives us an insight into a day in the life of Gerald ...

3.15 a.m.          

The small hours can be quite dull sometimes so I sneaked into Ogie’s bedroom and slept on his head for a while. He hates it when I do this as it always makes him dream of hairypedes and he hates hairypedes. It’s hilarious.

3.35 a.m.

Ogie’s snoring got very irritating so I left. I’m supposed to be the annoying one. Went into Zamzam’s room but she has ‘zero tolerance for small hours shenanigans’ and keeps a cup of water by her bed just in case I try anything.

4.56 a.m.

Took some hoddlebird seed from the kitchen and spread it on Zamzam’s windowsill. Found Ogie’s blue blanket. Slept on it for a bit.

5.15 a.m.

Listened to Ogie and Zamzam arguing about who let all the hoddlebirds in.

6.39 a.m.

Tripped up Ogie’s dad three times, once on the way into the bathroom and twice on the way out. Getting very good at it. He called me a ‘little ginger destroyer’. I liked that.

7.30 a.m.

Ogie’s mum left out breakfast for Ogie and Zamzam then went to their rooms to hurry them up. I ate half of both breakfasts while she was gone. When they came back Zamzam threw her cup of water at me but I ducked and it hit Ogie in the face. Result. 

9.00 a.m.

Have been locked outside, in the snow, since 7.33 a.m. Thinking of filing a complaint with the union. If there was a union. I know the Rock Trolls have one. Ogie’s mum said I was an ‘impediment to the breakfast process’. I think that’s a very ‘catist’ statement.

11.15 a.m.

Turns out the Rock Trolls do have a union and they accept cats! Bad news is apparently I’m too annoying.

11.17 a.m.

Did a poo in the rose garden outside the Troll Union Offices. Wonder what’s for lunch …